Azure for a Startup? People do that?

Don't assume your startup or side project has to be built on AWS, Linux and Node.js. Microsoft's developments with Azure and .NET Core make it a superior choice for building tech startups on the web. In this book you will learn everything you need to know to provision infrastructure in Azure and start development on your project.

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About the Book

Building Tech Startups With Azure introduces Microsoft's cloud platform to entrepreneurs that are looking for a better way to build and scale their business ideas. After reading this book you will have a solid understanding of Azure's key capabilities, how to provision and configure Azure infrastructure, and how to develop web applications and deploy them to Azure.

Chapter List

  • It's a Great Time for a Startup
  • Cloud And Startups - A Perfect Fit
  • Microsoft Azure Overview
  • Why Choose Azure?
  • Azure Alternatives
  • Key Azure Concepts
  • Working with the Azure Portal
  • Key Azure Resource Types
  • Setting Up Your Development Environment
  • Walkthrough: Building and Deploying a Simple SaaS Product
  • Monitoring Your Services
  • Microsoft Programs for Startups

About the Author

John Berry has been building software using Microsoft products for almost 25 years. As IT Director of NNR Global Logistics, he leads software engineering teams that build business applications used in 20 countries. In his spare time he was worked on various side projects and the occasional startup. His most recent project was MyLetter.To, a web application that seeks to end political apathy by helping users generate well-written evidence-based letters to their elected officials. As the technical co-founder of MyLetter.To, John built several web applications including a client-facing web application, a portal for business customers, and an admin portal all using the technology discussed in this book.